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There is a misconception among the general population that Remote-Control cars are too expensive and are out of reach formost individuals. Indeed, it taxes your pocket a little bit but there are models which present an affordable choice to everyone, no matter the cost. You can buy an RC truck or car at prices even below $50 for that matter, follow the list below and read more about them. The question is of choice only, and choosing the right model is of utmost importance.

Here are some models of RC cars and trucks below $100:

1.     STOTOY high-speed RC car with 2WD: The best option for kids to enjoy amongst friends, it allows your kid to play simultaneously with his friend because of its radio function. Each of its wheels has independent suspension springs which makes it easy to control and moreover, it is an all-weather car, priced at just $30. It is the perfect gift for your child.

2.     BMW i8 RC: This model of car, officially licensed by BMW, is an exact copy of the original version. A highly sophisticated model with automatic controls and a door ‘open and close’ option through the remote. Its glossy paint makes it look dashing on carpet surfaces which most vehicles do not respond well to. The price of this car is set at $29, which shines brightly in its category, just like its LED lights.

3.     TOZO C11 53 RC Battleax: This car is known to be the best car for adults under budget. Its robust suspension system and smooth steering mechanism give it anti-skid properties, enabling more thrill and fun to its users. The powerful motor makes it go up to 30 KM per hour. Its maintenance is easy and parts are easily replaceable. Although its price is at a higher end of $69, it will be worth your money once you buy it.

4.     Anki Overdrive Guardian: The car of the future, as it can be called due to its Artificial Intelligence feature, learns more as you use it more. Controllable through your mobile, either iOS or Android, it has some innovative features and a whopping speed of 50 miles per hour. Easy to understand software allows the user to fully indulge in battles and racing. Priced at $32, it gives a good example of technology at a lower price.

You can read more and understand more about them once you buy one of these and start experiencing the thrilling world of RC cars.