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A company is a business, a name that represents a specific product and service. It's also stated in the law that you do need to have a business name for registration purposes. Starting a company is no easy thing if you consider the various challenges that you need to face in keeping it afloat. One of the challenges that companies face are business specific risks like lawsuits, patent issues and many many more. In the day and age where almost every product is redundant, you need to be insured to protect your company's interests.


If you start any company, say a tech company, the "happy path" is that you launch your product, people should love it, you get to have enough products sold to make another successful product, scale the business and become big. Too big that even if you will have many flops, still it won't matter. Acquire new companies, develop new lines of business and be the number one tech company in the world. It's a very ideal thing but as you know you will experience bumps along the way that can prevent you from being the company that you dream or delay it.

You will take damages: In a business like a tech business where there are a ton of risks like privacy issues, substandard products, bad product reviews and many more, you need to expect taking a hit. Sometimes far too many than what you anticipate and when that happens you better be insured because the only way that you can get out of situations regardless if it's small or not is when you have a darn good insurance that can back you up and help you reach your goals. No company has ever reached the top without able to successfully get out of any potential mess that could possibly close them.


Will you be the casualty? It is noted that a total of  75% of venture-capital start-ups are expected to fail. It's a very high number and if you think about the tech market being overly saturated it's not really surprising. The question now is, will you be one of the casualties or not? There are many things that can go wrong and part of if are liabilities and so on, that is why a good Technology Insurance For IT Companies And Consultants is important in that regard.


Every industry has risks: The fact is whatever the industry is, there’s always a risk. Every industry has its fair share of ups and downs and each “downs” can potentially be an Achille's heel if you’re not careful or you don't have a good strategy to pull of a life-saving move and part of that is insurance.


No matter what industry and profession you are in, an insurance is very important and that is even an understatement. Because an insurance can protect you from any potential things that can damage your company, If you are a tech company and especially if you're a startup you need to make sure that you cover all your bases and part of that is to get an insurance and a damn good one at best. EK insurance has the best plans for you, go check them out today.