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The word IQ is meant for intelligence or intellectual quotient. The IQ tests are enabled today for detecting the capability of a person’s intelligence. In offline process, teachers, a psychologist and a candidate is assembled in a hall. The candidate will be asked with number of questions to check his IQ. This test is resulted in the form of his scores. It may be low score or high scores respectively.  Low score is calculated like below 70 and high score is calculated like above 70 and if a person scores about 150 IQ, he is named as superior intelligence. These tests are conducted mostly for students and now adults are also participating in different talent shows to know their IQ to the world. The tests pattern will be of different types but the average IQ on these tests which are conducted are around 100.



Based on the measurement of actual IQ score, you can calculate average IQ score easily which is all set of around 100.


Key notes:


·         According to research and reports, IQ scores may change according to time. Moreover these tests are conducted irrespective of age as it varies based on the subjects. Some tests may be defined with specific student standards and some tests may exceed more than the subject information which are out of syllabus. So, depth knowledge of a specific subject which you have chosen may result you good scores. Many people are advised to take mock tests in more count will let you face more number of typical questions that you may not come across can easily be handled in this approach.


·         In fact, in view of experts these IQ tests may fail for addressing things based on your curiosity levels, your responsive nature and especially your emotional balance at the spot. These above features will let you understand how to handle and manage emotional quotient EQ. this is because people those who are having high IQ may not balance emotional intelligence in their life successfully. So, EQ matters more when it comes across the point of discussing IQ easily.


Calculating IQ:


There are 2 ways to measure IQ. In first method, your mental age will be segmented by their chronological age respectively. On further this division of ages will be multiplied with 100. Second method involves the comparison of other people scores with your score in terms of similar age group respectively.Based on these tests, calculating IQ will be predicted in the form of high and low scores respectively. Here high IQ scores will comes under 110 and 119 and low scores will comes under 80 and 89 on an average criterion. In many cases, if you get the score of 100, this score is known to be an average score which is enacted like a standard deviation by the people.




Hence IQ scores and its importance with average criterion is clearly discussed above. IQ tests on different types will measure your intelligence to let you aware of your plus and minus only. These tests are not intended to kill your confidence. Here predicting emotional quotient of a person matters more while coming across the scores of IQ effectively.